Please take time to read through the information provided in this Policy manual. You will be asked to confirm your understanding and agreement with the Kid City policies at the bottom of this page.


  • Active covenant member or pursuing membership at Grace City Church.

  • All volunteers must complete an orientation prior to being placed in an assigned role and starting to serve. Additionally, volunteers must be committed to actively participating in on-going equipping opportunities that the ministry provides throughout the year.

  • All volunteers are responsible for their own personal spiritual growth and should be regularly in prayer regarding their assigned role in the ministry and prepare as needed for their responsibilities.

  • All volunteers should arrive to their assigned serving area ready to receive families at least 30 minutes prior to start of service or event.

  • All volunteers should dress modestly and appropriately so as to not be a distraction to others.

  • All volunteers accept the responsibility of inviting other individuals at Grace City Church to participate in serving in Kid City and will assist volunteer leaders in finding their replacement when they are unable to serve.



Grace City Church takes very seriously protecting the children in our care to the best of our ability. All volunteers are required to follow a step by step process where our staff helps lead each volunteer in satisfying the requirements to serve. The following are the requirements in order to serve in any capacity if the volunteer is 18 years of age or older:


All Kid City volunteers are required to:

1. Complete the volunteer application, including an electronic signature agreeing to have read Kid City’s policy manual.

2. A national, criminal background screening will be performed by Protect My Ministry, an independent, fee based service. This will be completed on a 3­ year rotation.

3. Meet the Ministry Team Leads. It is important that our Team Leaders have met and had a conversation with each and every volunteer.

4. View the video regarding protecting our children from possible sexual perpetrators. This video is offered during Volunteer Trainings or can be viewed on his/her own computer.

5. Attend a volunteer training.



• Volunteers must observe the “two person rule.” No volunteer may be alone with a child in a secluded or isolated area.

• All rooms used should be accessible (unlocked doors) and have open visibility (a window in the door or the door is left open).

• Coaches will make unannounced visits to the classrooms.

• No staff member or volunteer is ever to administer corporal punishment under any circumstances.

• Children should not share a stall in the restroom. A student or adult male leader should not be in the restroom with one child alone.



  • In the event where a parent would need to be notified to come to the child’s classroom, a text message will be sent to the parent.



If a child has any of these symptoms or any contagious illness, please do not accept him/her into Kid City programming. Please contact a coach or staff member for assistance.

• Fever ­-  a child must be fever free for 24 hours

• Vomiting or diarrhea

• Runny nose with green or yellow mucus

• Skin rash of any kind



1. Child Registration

All children must be registered in the system to attend any Kid City programming. Registration includes all relevant parent and child information.

2. Check­In

For a child to enter a classroom they, or their parent, must check in through the check in system.

• Verify that the child is in the correct classroom.

• Identify any special needs (allergies, medical conditions, etc.).

3. Check­Out

For a child to leave a classroom their parent or guardian must check the child out through the check out process.



1. Illnesses or Injury

If a child suddenly becomes ill while in our care or there is an emergency, please follow these procedures: If we can page the parent and send a runner please do so. If you feel this is a life­ threatening situation, and the child requires medical attention, please use the following steps.

• Dial 911.

• Alert the Safety Team via walkie talkie.

• Alert the Coach.

• Contact the parent via cell phone.


2. Medicine

No ministry volunteer or staff will administer medicine to a child unless we have written permission on file from the parent. This includes teething ointment, sunscreen, and diaper rash cream. We, as a church, will not keep medicine in the children’s area at any time.


3. Snacks and Allergies

We are a peanut ­free location. Please do not bring peanut products into the children’s building.

There may be no food in any room other than Cheerios or Goldfish/cheese crackers. If a parent provides a snack for their child, please ensure it is peanut­ free to protect the other children. Please review each child’s Check­In Slip for any allergy information before handing out snacks. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep us up ­to ­date.

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