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New Studies Launch

Women's Studies

Becoming a Kingdom Woman

Identity in Joy



Men's Studies

A Quest for Purity:

Quest for Purity addresses the challenge of masculinity in relation to our sexual purity. These seven sessions are designed to equip men in all stages of life to pursue Biblical purity. Topics include sexual stewardship for singles, creating intimacy for the long haul, homosexuality and same-sex attraction, shepherding your’s sons sexual development, and how we can move toward purity together as men.

A Man and His Work:

As men, we were created to work. It is one of the primary ways we express being made in God’s image. This is a six week study where we explore the purpose of work, work in a fallen world, escapism, vocation, recreation, rest, and the redemption of our work.

Book Study 2 Corinthians:

Gods power is brought to bear in human weakness. In this study we will walk through the book of 2 Corinthians and discuss what it means to be men who are shaped and defined by The Word of God.