Next Steps

Jesus established the local church as the primary vehicle to gather, grow, and worship together with the body of Christ. We believe it is where true and authentic life change happens. For that reason, we want you to fully engage with Grace City Church as your love and faith in Christ continues to grow.

The Next Steps below are how Grace City sets us up to fully engage in our relationship with Christ and his Church in our local body.

Discovery Essentials Community Groups Studies

Discovery is an introductory class where we will talk through the distinctive characteristics of Grace City Church in hopes that you will gain more clarity if this is the church home for you. It is also the gateway to connect to membership, serving, studies, and more at Grace City.

Target audience/who is it for: Newer guests or attendees who may be interested in membership but are seeking more clarity.

Commitment: A Sunday afternoon

Why we do it: Through Discovery, we are communicating who we are as a church, what our philosophies are, our personnel, how we operate, and ways that we desire to fulfill the Scriptures mission of the local church.


Essentials is our 6-week membership class. This time is used to gather believers together and equip them to be fully engaged in the life of the Church through community, serving, teaching, and fellowship. Essentials is designed to answer what Grace City believes we should be united around, our foundational beliefs, and the mission of where our church is heading.

Target audience/who is it for: Essentials is for believers in Christ who are seeking to become a member of Grace City Church. This class is used to equip and prepare believers to live in biblical community with the Grace City family.

Commitment: 6 weeks

Why we do it: We want every member of our family to be united in Christ. Essentials is the opportunity to present what we are moving towards as a church and to equip new members to hop into the mission that Jesus has prepared for us.

Community Groups

Community groups are the primary way that we disciple, equip, and care for our members. After completing Discover and Essentials, we will help every member get plugged into a Community Group to grow and share in life together with a small, intentional community.

(Not just a bible study.)


Throughout the year, Grace City offers opportunities to dive deep on specific topics. These studies are open for everyone. Our two main studies offered during the year are Ezer and Men’s Roundtable. These discussion-based studies focus on biblical femininity and masculinity. Other studies will also be available throughout the year.

(If you aren’t in a community group, there is still place for you to find community. Don’t have to be a member of be in a community group.)