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Will & Mallie Plonk

The local church is the primary vehicle God uses to change lives.  It’s the home for community centered around the authority of the Scriptures,  equipping believers to live compelling lives, and the place you most clearly see the hope Jesus offers displayed and proclaimed. 

Having experienced the benefit of being involved with a healthy local church first hand in the upstate, Mallie and I feel compelled to create a similar church experience in the place I spent the most formative years of my adolescence, Charleston.  We are firmly committed to create a church focused on equipping, biblical teaching, and community, and a place where people can enjoy the transforming power of Jesus.  

Charleston is an amazing city with some amazing churches.  Our hope is to come alongside the church community in Charleston to reach the thousands of people who have struggled to find a church home and those who haven’t put their hope in the person and work of Christ.

Pastor, Will Plonk

Grace City Church