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Studying Old Testament Narrative

Join us as we dive into the Word of God and learn how to read biblical narrative with intention and discover how God uses narrative to teach His people more about who He is and how He works in our lives.

What is Biblical Narrative?

Join us as we discover what is biblical narrative, why it is important, and what God is trying to teach us through this biblical literature.

Exploring Historical Context

This week we're exploring historical and cultural context, what we should look for, and how it applies to our lives. Join us as we discover how this insight can teach us more about who God is and the depths of the ways He works in the lives of His people.

Considering Tension and Conflict

We're continuing week three of our series on How to Study Old Testament Narrative, this week discussing the importance of tension and conflict. We're exploring how to discover tension and conflict, what we should take away from the tensions and conflicts in narrative literature, and learning how God uses these forms of "heat" to make His people more dependent on Him.

Exploring Themes

Join us as we complete our four-part series on how to study Old Testament Narrative. We're closing our series exploring how to find themes within narrative literature and increase biblical fluency.