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May 26, 2019




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John 11:1-44
Will Plonk - Grace Church

If we are honest with ourselves we have all asked the question "why"? Why if God loves us did He allow this to happen?  Three times in John 11, Jesus gets asked the question of "why" through veiled accusations. Jesus' unexpected replies show us that God expresses His love differently than we often think.

Christmas Eve - Will Plonk - Grace Church

In the opening of John’s gospel account he tells us that the “logic of life” became flesh and now we can reach out and touch him. Far too often Christmas is seen as a consumeristic holiday that washes over the fact that God became like us because of his love for us and  desire to transform us. In John 1:14 we see the “why” behind Jesus’ arrival as a child. The Lord Christ became a child so we could become a child of God.

Hebrews 3:1-6
Will Plonk - Grace Church

As believers, we have direct access to God’s messenger and our High Priest, Jesus. However, we often settle for “good” things when we have access to the Greatest. We focus on and place our hope in the things of this world rather than the One who created all of these things. We focus on the house, when our attention, praise, and worship should be directed to the builder. All the good things in our lives should only serve as a means to glorify Jesus in the end.

Decade20 - Social & Racial Justice
Will Plonk - Grace Church

One of the defining factors in God's church is unity. Unity, is best seen when a diverse group of people with differing thoughts and experience unite around something. For the church, this something is Jesus.  However, when our community looks like us in thought, socio-economic status and age we don't have unity but uniformity.  The scriptures call believers to do the hard work of knowing, loving and seeking justice for people who are different than us.

Exodus 12:31-42
Will Plonk - Grace Church

The exodus is the Old Testament picture of the cross for us. The Israelites, once slaves of the Egyptians, are freed from slavery, lavished in riches, and prepared to reconstitute their identity as a new nation. Despite Pharoah’s attempts to thwart God’s promise to rescue the Israelites, God’s faithfulness cannot be frustrated, and His promises never fail.


Psalm 127
Will Plonk - Radius Church

 Psalm 127 reminds us of how we should find rest in the Gospel because our God is the Sovereign King who controls and sustains all.