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Summer Internship

Nehemiah Internship

We are excited for our Summer 2023 Nehemiah Internship! Check out the highlight video from past internships and if you are interested in being apart of next summer's internship apply now! The application will close on January 31st!

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Rise Up

We are so glad you are looking at our Nehemiah: Rise Up and Build internship program! Take a look around this page for some information about our 2 month internship and if you have any questions, reach out to David Kite at!

Pillars of Internship

  • Biblical literacy
  • Cultural competency
  • Self awareness
  • Justice mindedness

What to Expect

  • 2 month paid internship program held in Charleston, SC
  • Interns live with host home provided by Grace City Church
  • Elements of internship
  • Mentorship
  • Biblical classes
  • Community engagement

“I was grateful for the intentional care I received...  my supervisor showed genuine concern for my progress and spiritual growth during our meetings, and he has helped me become significantly more self-aware by mirroring the language I use and the feelings I express to him.”

– Dalen Small

“Dependence on the Lord was a large theme over the summer that I just needed to learn about; it started out rough because of specific challenges but I realized a lot of it was rooted in my inability to depend on the Lord and trust His promises.”

– Kejuan Robinson

“The wide variety of classes touched nearly every part of my life, illuminating my sin and God's holiness. I felt close to the Lord in ways I hadn't before, because I was learning all this information about Him, but also because I was processing it with Him.”

– Melissa Goldstein

“To be honest, this summer was challenging, but a good challenge. Not only did this internship provide the opportunity to learn more about God, but also to learn more about myself, specifically as a leader. I was put into roles that I had never been in before and asked to take on new responsibilities within the church. Being able to sit down with my supervisor and get honest feedback on how I handled those responsibilities helped me to better understand myself and the gifts that God has given me. “

– Jonathan Gaminde

"There was a special weight that I carried this summer as an intern supervisor and I didn't take it lightly. I learned how to mentor someone and care for them in such meaningful ways like prayer and intentional conversations that forced me to grow as a leader. I learned the value of building relational credibility that allowed for accountability and growth in special ways!"

– Morgan Behrens

“She challenged me when I didn't truly share or stayed in my comfort zone; she encouraged me when I was vulnerable. She offered a safe space for me! I loved the way she was able to speak into me, calling out things I didn't see in myself and encouraging me to lean into them!”

– Sarah Swoap
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How many people will be accepted into the internship program?


This last summer, we hosted 6 summer interns. Depending on applicants and the state of SC with COVID, we anticipate a similar number this coming year.

When does the internship begin?


Nehemiah: Rise Up and Build internship program will begin in June 2023!

Once I am in Charleston, where would I live?


Grace City Church will be providing housing for each of its’ interns. Our church members serve as host homes for the duration of the 2 month program!

Is this a paid position?


Yes! Our interns are paid twice a month and are expected to work full-time hours.

What about the pandemic? How does that affect this program?


While we cannot anticipate the state of SC in regards to COVID this coming summer, we as a church are taking this pandemic very seriously by following all CDC recommendations for gathering. If it were to be deemed to be unsafe for us to host/house interns, adjustments would be made.

Can I have a second job while working as an intern?


We ask that our interns be “all in” if they are accepted into our program! With the workload and ministry opportunities, we do not anticipate there being space for a GCC intern to have margin for a second job.
Ephesians 2:1- 10; Romans 5:15; 6:23; 8:30-31; Hebrews 9:15-20; Galatians 3:15-4:7

What church ministries would I have the opportunity to work with?


Our summer interns previously have been a huge part of the following ministries:

  • Children’s Ministry, Hospitality, Men and Women’s Ministry, Engage and Unity, Communications, Membership, Spanish Ministry, Worship