New service location and times: 9:00AM & 11:15AM, Live stream second service on Facebook.

In-Person Services

9:00 AM & 11:15 AM

Orange Grove Elementary school

1225 Orange Branch Rd
Charleston, SC 29407

**Type this address into GPS manually to get to the right location!

What to Expect

We're excited to have an opportunity to be together again in-person. Here are a couple of important things to note about our in-person services:


  • We live-stream our 11:15 AM service on Facebook and YouTube.
  • In addition to our indoor meeting space, there will also be an outdoor service during the 11:15 AM service for those who would prefer not to meet indoors. Here you will be able to participate in the service via live-stream.
  • There is no live-streaming or outside option for the 9 AM service.

Covid Response

  • We're going to be doing everything we can to make our services safe and follow CDC guidelines for the inside portion of our gatherings. That includes social distancing and face coverings. If you forget your mask, we'll have one for you. Your face covering will need to be worn at all times during our inside service.
  • We're social distancing, and wearing name tags, so make sure to care for your neighbor by remaining six feet apart. Air hugs are always welcome!

Kids & Students

  • Kid City is relaunching in phases. It will only be available for children ages 0-5
  • Children and students of all ages are welcome in the services!

What to Wear

For the most part, Grace City’s style of dress is casual but feel free to come as you are. On any given Sunday you’ll find a wide variety of style and dress.

Who We Are

Grace City Church is a community of believers that seeks to be dependent upon God for life and truth, unified as one diverse family under Christ, and engaged in the local community.